Oct 15, 2014

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Teaching Kids Through Games

Seriously if you teach your kids from books cover to cover the tendency is they will get bored and inattentive. However, if you let your kids learn while they play, they will enjoy at the same time remember things you planted to their minds.

There are variety of old time favorite games. For my preschooler I like playing games that is educational. Whether it could be outdoors or indoor games, I make it a point that they are not just playing but learning as well. When the weather is dull we just play inside the house with board games, puzzles and building blocks. Allowing them to differentiate colors, exercise their minds to counting and reasoning. When we were at the park we usually kick balls, jumping ropes, slides, swing and touch games like a typical kids do. But I let them do the counting and give them a set of time. In this way I am not just training their counting ability but implementing a stop or time over rule. Kids should learn when to stop when you say stop or the game is over and it is time to clean up and prepare to go home. On our way home learning still continues, because I let them play a guessing game or a word relay game. Verbal games is good for their listening, speaking and reasoning ability.

Kids do love to play all the time, it is normal. Give them your time but don’t just hang out with them, rather make them enjoy. Kids always wants our attention, especially during our busy hours. What I did is to play with them teach them how the games should be, and if I see they are enjoying I started to go back to work. Time to time I check what they did and appreciate them for being good. Because giving them time to think and play alone is also a good practice for them to be responsible.

Above all, when my kids are active and playful I grab the chance to introduce new idea at a time. This is the best time because they are still attentive and aggressive. Don’t miss that chance before their tantrums hits you.

More fun games to do with kids here.

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