Apr 2, 2015

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Five Important Places to Use Your Cordless Vacuum

If you read the vacuum cleaner review 2015 for cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that power tools and lawn and garden equipment are getting all the design attention when it comes to cordless living. I have plenty of cordless drills and other hand tools for projects in the workshop, and I care for my lawn and garden using a cordless string trimmer, leaf blower, and hedge trimmer. I really hate dragging a vacuum around the house, because the cord is always in a tangle underfoot, and I often wish all my vacuums were cordless, too.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a substitute for the power a corded vacuum can bring to cleaning chores. Cordless vacuums are getting better, but they’re more suited to some tasks than others. I keep a full-power corded vacuum on hand for big carpeting chores, but I have a smaller, handier, cordless model that I keep for everyday cleaning. Here’s how I use it to keep the corded unit parked in the closet most of the time.

There are areas in my house that require constant cleaning or they’ll feed dirt into other areas, so I hit them more often with a cordless vacuum to keep my house cleaner overall. First, always move your furniture away from the walls and vacuum the area behind them and under the spot where they once stood. If you read a cordless vacuum review, they’ll often recommend a full sized corded vacuum for the job, but if you move the furniture, you can reach it with a smaller, handier tool.

Throw rugs accumulate grit underneath them as much as on top of them. Use your cordless vacuum to get under the pad. If you have a fireplace that doesn’t get used daily, the cold ashes can blow all around your house if you leave them on the hearth. I like to vacuum them up with my cordless vacuum when I’m sure they’re cold. Closets collect dust on their floors, and you spread it around every time you open the closet door. I find it much easier to vacuum inside closets with a cordless vacuum. Lampshades collect a lot of dust, and the chimney effect of the shade makes it spread around the room when the lamp is turned on. I use a feather duster in one hand and a cordless vacuum in the other to loosen the dust, and vacuum as I go.

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