Apr 7, 2015

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Confidently Bake Fresh Bread With Bread Maker

Mothers, how many times did you serve your family with a fresh bread? Have you made one for your breakfast or snacks? If not I will show you here how I tempted my family with a mouth watering, healthy and freshly baked bread, with the help of my bread maker confidently.
I know everyone thought baking bread at home isn’t easy. No, not anymore. The latest manufactured bread maker in the industry today are made simple for parents who wants to have a perfectly baked breads.

I bake breads for breakfast and snacks. Making it sure I prepare the bread an hour or two before the meals to ensure it is fresh and fluffy. Usually my breads are made from a collection of vegetables and fruits. Examples are pumpkin bread, carrot bread and banana bread just to name a few. I just mix all the ingredients together and leave the rest to the bread machine. With the best bread machine, you could set the different modes (i.e. raisin bread will need the raisin to be added later).

How they are tempted to ask for more is I always top my baked bread with their favorite desserts. Like chocolate chips on top of the banana bread. Or rather add the chocolate with the banana bread mixtures and top it with some walnuts or pecans. For my carrot bread either I top it with designed carrots made of colored chocolates, or sprinkle it with a colorful icing sugar. There are many ways to design a bread that will look attractive and mouth watering. As a mother I always try my best to be creative. And provide especially the kids not only with healthy foods but fun and interesting meals as well.

Having a high quality bread mixer in my kitchen ease my worries of baking bread with lumps and over baking. I am confident that my breads are perfectly mix and not toasted or rare. And the best part is I am confident that I gave my family the best nutrients they should have from the natural ingredients I’ve used to bake my breads and avoiding those scary stuff they added into many commercial bread.

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