Apr 12, 2015

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Blender for Healthier Food

Best Blender Comparison

Striving hard to provide a healthy foods to have a healthy family? Moms are the best health providers. Providing the best healthy foods couldn’t be accomplished without my assistant, the blender that I can always hire from the kitchen.

Kids usually dislikes a lot of fruits and vegetables especially the most healthy one. My blender nicely cheated them. I mix at least two to three different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Make it sure it will comes out colorful. One good example is a mix of banana and strawberry, add some milk or yogurt, sprinkle some sweetened chocolate powder on top and you got a healthy snacks.

There’s a lot of fruit and vegetable mix variety you can do. Just experiment and be creative. My technique to cheat my kids is to mix one dislike fruits or vegetable. Little by little in a way that they will not taste it. Their favorite fruits and vegetables should be the main ingredients. And I always top their glass of juice with some artistic straw or chocolates.

A blender is not just for juices. I also use it for my baby’s food. Whether it could be in a form of a congee or a soup, my blender always help me adjust the softness. I prepare my baby’s food every three days. After blending I separate the mixture into three equal parts and freeze. Defrost one part prior to feeding, and microwave for a few seconds. Time saver!

Probably every family owns a blender, if you haven’t I suggest you grab one. A blender does almost everything from fruits, vegetables and meat squeezing. Squeezed fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of all the fibers and nutrients. A glass of blended juice is more efficient than eating a raw fruits and vegetables. Have it peeled or unpeeled the taste is even better.

My kitchen assistant, the blender, helps me provide the kids with all the healthy foods without hassle. No more crying and no more stress. No more likes and dislikes because my blender cheated them with a colorful juice mix.

Article source: MermaidDiaries

Picture source: Tim Patterson

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