Oct 15, 2014

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Teaching Kids Through Games

Seriously if you teach your kids from books cover to cover the tendency is they will get bored and inattentive. However, if you let your kids learn while they play, they will enjoy at the same time remember things you planted to their minds.

There are variety of old time favorite games. For my preschooler I like playing games that is educational. Whether it could be outdoors or indoor games, I make it a point that they are not just playing but learning as well. When the weather is dull we just play inside the house with board games, puzzles and building blocks. Allowing them to differentiate colors, exercise their minds to counting and reasoning. When we were at the park we usually kick balls, jumping ropes, slides, swing and touch games like a typical kids do. But I let them do the counting and give them a set of time. In this way I am not just training their counting ability but implementing a stop or time over rule. Kids should learn when to stop when you say stop or the game is over and it is time to clean up and prepare to go home. On our way home learning still continues, because I let them play a guessing game or a word relay game. Verbal games is good for their listening, speaking and reasoning ability.

Kids do love to play all the time, it is normal. Give them your time but don’t just hang out with them, rather make them enjoy. Kids always wants our attention, especially during our busy hours. What I did is to play with them teach them how the games should be, and if I see they are enjoying I started to go back to work. Time to time I check what they did and appreciate them for being good. Because giving them time to think and play alone is also a good practice for them to be responsible.

Above all, when my kids are active and playful I grab the chance to introduce new idea at a time. This is the best time because they are still attentive and aggressive. Don’t miss that chance before their tantrums hits you.

More fun games to do with kids here.

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Apr 12, 2015

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Blender for Healthier Food

Best Blender Comparison

Striving hard to provide a healthy foods to have a healthy family? Moms are the best health providers. Providing the best healthy foods couldn’t be accomplished without my assistant, the blender that I can always hire from the kitchen.

Kids usually dislikes a lot of fruits and vegetables especially the most healthy one. My blender nicely cheated them. I mix at least two to three different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Make it sure it will comes out colorful. One good example is a mix of banana and strawberry, add some milk or yogurt, sprinkle some sweetened chocolate powder on top and you got a healthy snacks.

There’s a lot of fruit and vegetable mix variety you can do. Just experiment and be creative. My technique to cheat my kids is to mix one dislike fruits or vegetable. Little by little in a way that they will not taste it. Their favorite fruits and vegetables should be the main ingredients. And I always top their glass of juice with some artistic straw or chocolates.

A blender is not just for juices. I also use it for my baby’s food. Whether it could be in a form of a congee or a soup, my blender always help me adjust the softness. I prepare my baby’s food every three days. After blending I separate the mixture into three equal parts and freeze. Defrost one part prior to feeding, and microwave for a few seconds. Time saver!

Probably every family owns a blender, if you haven’t I suggest you grab one. A blender does almost everything from fruits, vegetables and meat squeezing. Squeezed fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of all the fibers and nutrients. A glass of blended juice is more efficient than eating a raw fruits and vegetables. Have it peeled or unpeeled the taste is even better.

My kitchen assistant, the blender, helps me provide the kids with all the healthy foods without hassle. No more crying and no more stress. No more likes and dislikes because my blender cheated them with a colorful juice mix.

Article source: MermaidDiaries

Picture source: Tim Patterson

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Apr 12, 2015

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Nuking Dinner isn’t a Victimless Crime

Everybody uses microwave ovens. They are an appliance that you will find in almost every kitchen you visit. Microwaves are even an appliance you can find in dorm or bedrooms atop many a mini-fridge. The convenience of the microwave oven has led it being probably THE most popular electrical appliance in use in the US today. There is a dark side to the popularity of the microwave, though. Since just about everybody uses them to cook just about everything, it is only common sense that this most used appliance would be one of the appliances most in need of some TLC in the cleaning department.

How to choose a microwave oven?
My first priority is to get one with a reasonable power consumption and is a convection/microwave oven combo. Why? to save space. It really depends on how much space you have in your kitchen for all of the different appliances? For me, I don’t have a lot of space to spare so I need to keep those in mind. If you can, choose the one with a self-cleaning function. Considering the amount of food and how often you are planning to use it, it really helps that you can clean it with a press of a button. Well, there are tons of features and price points, you really need to keep a cool head (don’t forget about your budget). If everything else fail, and you just want a neat list of all the features, check out the latest oven review 2015. This list is very useful as a last resort to double check all your wishlist and budget too.

How does it get so bad?

If you go a week or two without inspecting your microwave oven, you might be surprised by just how dirty the things can get. I put in some leftovers, wander around the kitchen for a minute, then go back and get my hot food. I don’t really sit there and look at the inside of the dinner-box when I am getting my food. I just use it and go on with the rest of my business.

See, a part of how the thing gets so dirty is that it sits there on the counter, or under the fume hood, or in the corner all nice and closed. I clean the outside of my microwave more often than I clean the inside of it, truth-be-told. I see when the outside is messy, but the only time I really look inside, I am already busy with retrieving a snack. The inside just suffers from never being readily visible when I’m not already busy.

How to clean it

You could opt for some regular retail cleaners. There is nothing wrong with that, and they typically do a fine job of cleaning the accumulated messy strata that cake onto the walls of your microwave. But, if you are anything like me, then you might have an almost magical loss of interest in doing something once you begin to dig out an armful of cleaning supplies. I know you may have heard this one before, but I want to tell you that a popular trick for cleaning the microwave is popular for a reason. Obtain a bowl. Fill it half-way with tap water. Pour in a bit of vinegar (a splash, or about an ounce if you want to get all measure-y). Nuke that bowl of water for about 60-90 seconds, so that it is steaming freely. Remove the (HOT) bowl, and use a cloth or sponge to wipe off the inside. Now, you can again neglect that microwave for another week or two.

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Apr 7, 2015

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Confidently Bake Fresh Bread With Bread Maker

Mothers, how many times did you serve your family with a fresh bread? Have you made one for your breakfast or snacks? If not I will show you here how I tempted my family with a mouth watering, healthy and freshly baked bread, with the help of my bread maker confidently.
I know everyone thought baking bread at home isn’t easy. No, not anymore. The latest manufactured bread maker in the industry today are made simple for parents who wants to have a perfectly baked breads.

I bake breads for breakfast and snacks. Making it sure I prepare the bread an hour or two before the meals to ensure it is fresh and fluffy. Usually my breads are made from a collection of vegetables and fruits. Examples are pumpkin bread, carrot bread and banana bread just to name a few. I just mix all the ingredients together and leave the rest to the bread machine. With the best bread machine, you could set the different modes (i.e. raisin bread will need the raisin to be added later).

How they are tempted to ask for more is I always top my baked bread with their favorite desserts. Like chocolate chips on top of the banana bread. Or rather add the chocolate with the banana bread mixtures and top it with some walnuts or pecans. For my carrot bread either I top it with designed carrots made of colored chocolates, or sprinkle it with a colorful icing sugar. There are many ways to design a bread that will look attractive and mouth watering. As a mother I always try my best to be creative. And provide especially the kids not only with healthy foods but fun and interesting meals as well.

Having a high quality bread mixer in my kitchen ease my worries of baking bread with lumps and over baking. I am confident that my breads are perfectly mix and not toasted or rare. And the best part is I am confident that I gave my family the best nutrients they should have from the natural ingredients I’ve used to bake my breads and avoiding those scary stuff they added into many commercial bread.

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Apr 2, 2015

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Five Important Places to Use Your Cordless Vacuum

If you read the vacuum cleaner review 2015 for cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that power tools and lawn and garden equipment are getting all the design attention when it comes to cordless living. I have plenty of cordless drills and other hand tools for projects in the workshop, and I care for my lawn and garden using a cordless string trimmer, leaf blower, and hedge trimmer. I really hate dragging a vacuum around the house, because the cord is always in a tangle underfoot, and I often wish all my vacuums were cordless, too.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a substitute for the power a corded vacuum can bring to cleaning chores. Cordless vacuums are getting better, but they’re more suited to some tasks than others. I keep a full-power corded vacuum on hand for big carpeting chores, but I have a smaller, handier, cordless model that I keep for everyday cleaning. Here’s how I use it to keep the corded unit parked in the closet most of the time.

There are areas in my house that require constant cleaning or they’ll feed dirt into other areas, so I hit them more often with a cordless vacuum to keep my house cleaner overall. First, always move your furniture away from the walls and vacuum the area behind them and under the spot where they once stood. If you read a cordless vacuum review, they’ll often recommend a full sized corded vacuum for the job, but if you move the furniture, you can reach it with a smaller, handier tool.

Throw rugs accumulate grit underneath them as much as on top of them. Use your cordless vacuum to get under the pad. If you have a fireplace that doesn’t get used daily, the cold ashes can blow all around your house if you leave them on the hearth. I like to vacuum them up with my cordless vacuum when I’m sure they’re cold. Closets collect dust on their floors, and you spread it around every time you open the closet door. I find it much easier to vacuum inside closets with a cordless vacuum. Lampshades collect a lot of dust, and the chimney effect of the shade makes it spread around the room when the lamp is turned on. I use a feather duster in one hand and a cordless vacuum in the other to loosen the dust, and vacuum as I go.

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Feb 1, 2015

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Cool Lego Castle For Your Kids

You couldn’t find a single group of boys and girls around the globe that didn’t want to be brave knights and heroes or royal princes and princesses – it’s just an impossibility. For whatever reason, the medieval ages have always held a romantic view over all of us, young and old, and that continues still to this day. Kids just love all of the excitement and adventure that castles and this time. Has to offer, and when you’re able to let them fully enjoy their playtime with a Lego Castle play set – or the Lego Castle collection – you’re going to be turning loose their creative and imaginative juices like never before.

Lego Legends of Chima Eagles Castle
Hands down one of the biggest play sets that Lego makes, this Lego Castle is going to seriously turn some heads and make you the envy of the neighborhood when your kids are playing with their little friends. Not only does it come complete with a Lego tower and Eagles wing, but it also has three mini figures with all kinds of weaponry and armor, different animals that actually move and attack thanks to the included rip cords – allowing you to have a fever pitched battle for the Lego castle tower.

Lego Monster Fighters Vampire Castle
This my favorite, even bigger than the Lego Castle mentioned above, the Vampires Castle is the kind of incredibly detailed playset that Lego has been known for four decades. Giving you a number of different hidden hideouts, secret rooms, torture chambers, and all other kinds of tricks and treats throughout, you’ll be able to use your Lego mini figures to try and find the vampire living inside and defeat him and his evil henchmen. At over 18 inches high, this is one of the truly incredible Lego Castle products.

Lego DUPLO Princess Ariel Undersea Castle
Not everybody wants to spend their time fighting over the Eagles Tower or trying to vanquish a centuries old vampire – sometimes the girls want to get in on the action as well and play with some of their favorite Disney characters. Nothing beats being able to have a underwater Lego Castle built exactly like the one in The Little Mermaid – except for maybe having your very own Lego Little Mermaid and Flounder to play with in this amazingly detailed play-set.

Lego DUPLO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Castle
But maybe The Little Mermaid is not your little girls favorite of the Disney princesses – perhaps she’s more of a Cinderella girl. Luckily, you’ll be able to give her an exact replica of Cinderella’s Castle constructed entirely out of Lego pieces and including all of the different accessories, furniture, and other little secrets you’ll just have to experience with her in this Disney Lego Castle.

Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

As we all know – and as more and more kids are finding out – castles were very rarely just these stone structures somewhere up on a hill. There was almost always a medieval town and village that was constructed just outside the castle walls, supporting all of the people who worked and lived in the surrounding area. Now you’ll be able to have that same kind of exciting hustle and bustle around your Lego Castle two, with this massive Lego made evil market Village. Complete with all different kinds of shops and figurines – as well as three different buildings inspired by classical European architecture – this will really make your Lego Castle come alive.

For more the complete list of lego castle collection, just check out the lego website.

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